I want to encourage people who have understanding of the depravity
of the ‘system’, who have nothing to loose because of age or
other circumstances, are not afraid of possibility of being declared
‘bankrupt’ by the bankrupt system, have health problems -
to do something positive for the humanity when they still can.

Bar Association of Queensland - 3

An average person thinks that when it comes to ‘human rights’ or ‘civil rights’ situation in Australia is quite good. Brainwashing, 'education' system and propaganda are doing their job.

Nobody, publicly, raises the issue of modern slavery created by insidious banking system and economy ruled by mythical ‘market forces’.
Nobody talks that FEUDALISM did not end as yet in Australia.

We have formal, legalized ‘ruling class’ or ‘master race’ or ‘first class citizens’ still in place and in power. I am talking about eg. Constitution of Queensland 2001 - section 59.
In other states there is very similar situation.

Bar Association of Queensland has created and been running very successful criminal organisation with its tentacles reaching to every element of society control.
Governments, government`s departments, agencies, commissions are infiltrated and often fully controlled by current or (nominally) former members of that organisation.
Great success was achieved by subduing control of political parties and gaining domination of so called ‘parliament’ where ‘laws’ are ‘created’, often for the exclusive benefit of that Mafia organisation.
However the greatest benefit was gained by obtaining the monopoly for the staffing the position of ‘judges’ in courts. That monopoly was acquired by the insidious work of BAQ stooges in Parliament who created within legitimate Constitution of Queensland 2001 a loophole
59  Appointment of judges
(1) The Governor in Council, by commission, may appoint a barrister or solicitor of the Supreme Court of at least 5 years standing as a judge

Selected, trusted Mafia members, ‘lucky ones’, were offered close to A$ 1 million a year in various benefits for their role of playacting that they are ‘independent’ and for clandestinely looking after other Mafiosos financial interest in ‘legally’ robbing susceptible members of the society. (they call it - ‘transfer’ of wealth)
As Mafia appointed ‘judges’ they corruptly obtained positions of so called ‘authority’ within legitimate legal system (as one of pillars of democracy) utilizing the deception of ‘normality’, ’fairness’ and ‘justness’ which has been making financial miracles for both judges and lawyers/barristers.
Such CARTEL has proven to be great success and has been operating without any hassles due to control by Mafia any public organization where nominal task is to protect residents of Queensland from the abuse.

are looking at themselves as the new breed of pompous, self-presumed 'master race', as 'first class citizens', who through lawyer infested legislatures introduced 'laws' giving themselves monopolistic privilege of FULL CITIZENS RIGHTS and they are able to FULLY participate in a democratic process of governing a state or a country while 'lawfully', 'legally' - with openly and publicly displayed contempt - deprived such right to 99% of the other 'second class citizens' kept in apartheid conditions.

31.03.2014 - I have lodged in the ‘ Supreme Court ‘ the case against Bar Association of Queensland for NOT PAYING my Invoice for another valuable service I provided them.
STATEMENT OF CLAIM lodged in Supreme Court - 31.03.2014

22.04.2014 - Bar Association of Queensland invented nice trick for anyone to use.
If you owe somebody money and they take you to court - just declare them to be 'vexatious' people. Precedence just about to be made - banks will be ruined.

28.04.2014 - To reduce descriptions in public records Bar Association of Queensland applied for the ‘extension of time’ to lodge the required, formal ‘Notice of intention to defend’ against my Claim in Supreme Court against them (BAQ3).
When questioned why BAQ cannot furnish a simple document within 28 days as everyone else, ‘Queensland legal professional’ gave a unique excuse – the claim cannot be replied to properly.

During the hearing Ms. Atkinson asked me to remove the references to her on this web site and then in a fashion typical to anglo judge perfidy she said -
'But it won’t poison my mind against you in hearing this application'
I should have thanked her for providing another evidence of fake 'impartiality' and 'fairness' and Cartel arrangements and collusion between lawyers and judges in courts.
If ‘zero’ had not been invented she would be a model for it.

Couple of applications lodged in Supreme Court Registry before the hearing on 30 July 2014

Selection of neutral, independent and impartial arbiter to preside over the court hearing in this case.

Reject BAQ application for the ‘vexatious order’ against me

Declaring Bar Association of Queensland as the vexatious ‘person’

Affidavit 1

Affidavit 2